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Hurricane Protection In Florida

Hurricanes are unpredictable, and living in the South Florida community calls for simple measures of safety, as defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to take before the hurricane season hits!

Waste no time. Prevention is your best tool during the Hurricane Season.

At Design Roofing Corp., we offer a Free Estimate with your Roof Inspection to determine whether your roof measures up to hold against hurricane conditions. After Hurricane Andrew, an investigative team of experts determined that four areas of the home should be routinely checked for weaknesses – one being the roof.
Step 1: Hurricane Roof Inspection

Eight of the Top Ten most expensive and costly catastrophes to have ever hit the United States are Hurricanes and Tropical Storms. Your safety is important to us. Our Inspections help to ensure the safety of your home investment as well.

  • Maintenance
  • Prevention
  • Security

Our experienced team of Roofing Professionals is available to answer your call before the next hurricane hits Florida!

Step 2: Sealing the Envelope of Your Home

JRJB Roofing Contractors inc. we reach beyond our call-of-duty to ensure your security, safety and storm season preparedness. Ask about our services the next time you call.

Home protection involves securing any areas that allow air into or out of your home. Second from your roof, windows that are impact-resistant, or shatter-resistant, are a step to securing the envelope of your home. While certain types of debris may cause the window to crack, the interlayer holds the glass together.
Protect your investments from:

  • Debris
  • High Winds
  • Rain
Storm Panels

Aluminum and Galvanized Steel Panels are an economical choice to storm and hurricane protection. Not only do we offer panels that meet the county standards, but they are also available in the more attractive see-through polycarbonate materials to allow for light and vision outside of the home.

  • Available in the Size You Need
  • Cost-Effective
  • Certified Protection

Base layer

Following  new coastal building code, a roofing systems base -layer also should serve as an heightened secondary water-barrier this is to protect the roofing system if the surface materials should blow off. Codes and methods may vary based on location.

  •     All systems require a self adhering polymer bitumen tape “minimum 4inches wide” over decking joints.
  •     Most codes allow a self adhering waterproof membrane to be “applied directly” to the roof decking.
  •     South / Central Florida  codes require the base-layer to be a number 30 felt and nailed in a snugly in place and prescribed pattern.
  •    On the surface layer material can be a “self adhesive membrane” or  “hot mop” fastened with a number 90 bitumen “cap-sheet”.
  •     We follow  a prescribed method when installing the flashing to valleys, Chimney, dormers,  ridges and walls.
  •     There are prescribed procedures that exist for installing the metal drip edge, skylights vents and other protrusions.


JRJB Roofing Contractors inc. offers the most recent and proven roofing systems and use’s only the best technology in all aspects of roofing.

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