Gulf Wave Roofing Panel

Gulfwave Corrugated Roofing Systems Coverage: 32″ Net Coverage Gauge: 24, 26 & 29 Gauge Steel

Gulfwave Corrugated Roofing Systems.

A GulfWave roofing system installed by JRJB Roofing Contractors inc is a high quality metal roof with a very distinctive traditional design. The continuous (wave-like) appearance of the corrugation strengths and  gives architectural appeal to this Exposed-Fastener panel making it a great choice from residential and small commercial roofs to interior and exterior accent applications.

Gulfwave Metal Roofing Specifications.

  • Colors: Over 30 Colors, Including 19 Colors of Ultra-Fade-Resistive Kynar-500 and Mill Finished Gulfalume also available ask your sales representative for more information.
  • Coverage: 32 inches (Net Coverage)
  • Gauge: 24, 26 and 29 (Gauge-Steel)
  • Minimum Slope: 3-12
  • Application on slopes down to 1/2:12
  • Substructure: 15/32” CDX “minimum”

Coverage- 32 inches Net Coverage
Gauge- 24, 26 and 29 Gauge Steel

Testing:- Approval Pending
Minimum Slope: 3-on-12
Application on slopes down to 1/2:12 permissible with
site-specific written approval
Substructure- 15/32” CDX “minimum”

Please refer to our GulfRib and GulfPBR Detail Manuals for information on our Exposed Screw Metal Roof Systems.

Colors: 35 Colors, Including 19 Colors of Ultra-Fade-Resistive Kynar500® & Mill Finished Gulfalume Available

Tampa Metal Roofing Color Chart, JRJB Roofing Contractors Inc.