Metal Roofing Panels, JRJB Roofing Contractors Inc.,The PBR panel is commonly used for a wide variety of architectural, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications. PBR is a structural panel and an exposed fastener panel that can be used for both roof and wall applications. The minimum roof slope for PBR is ½:12.

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PBR Metal Panel Overview

Installations: Agricultural, Residential, Industrial, Light Commercial,

Gauge: 26 gauge

Panel Profile: 36″ Net Coverage, 4 ribs 12″ On-Center, 1 1/4″ high rib

Substrate: Galvalume steel sheet, AZ 50 and AZ 55, conforming to ASTM A792

Finish: Siliconized Modified Polyester. Bare AZ55 Acrylic Galvalume®

Warranty: Galvalume® – 25 years and 6 months. Painted – 40 years

Tampa Metal Roofing Color Chart, JRJB Roofing Contractors Inc.
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