25 Oct 2015

How To Paint And Repair Metal Roofs

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Do you have an older metal roof , it must be removed regularly . In our painter Guide tells you your why a new coat of paint is necessary , when the best time for this is and how you can do the job yourself.

Time for painting

How To Paint And Repair Metal Roofs 

To be prepared against wind and weather, has an old metal roof – not you swap it out – are deleted at regular intervals. While it lasts, until the metal is rusted, but the roof is not in anyway withstood leaks may occur.

The best time for the new paint is the spring, when the air is warm and dry. In summer it is often too hot, because the metal is so strongly heated by the sun, that a painting is impossible. Metal roofs, which have a good rust and surface protection from the outset, are virtually maintenance-free.
Rust risk

Even if the roof appears to be in order, there are some vulnerable points. This is especially true if you let lie the autumn leaves and the surface is thus constantly moist. Then the smallest scratches can cause rust forms. And the rust is not stopped quickly, it can spread very quickly.

Standing trees near the roof it is important to pay attention to two things:

That the branches do not constantly scratching at the metal roof.
That the broken-down foliage is removed regularly – at least in the autumn, before the first snow falls.

Underline metal roof repairs in Florida

Before you make yourself at the painting, it is important to clean the roof properly. Otherwise not consider the color and you may soon climb up and repaint again. Rusty bodies must be thoroughly sanded. Especially greasy dirt must be removed cleanly.

The abraded games on older metal roofs are sealed with anti-rust paint. Following is primed and the final color is applied. Make sure that the primer and the top coat based on the same brand, so there are no problems.

Whenever  you’re on the roof, you should always use for your safety, a safety line and never work alone. Also think about yourself right clothes. You should have rubber-soled shoes and clothes that can not get caught. Never underestimate the risk of losing its balance.


  • This equipment you need to paint the metal roof:
  • Degreasing detergen
  • Sponge
  • Brush or broom
  • Spathula
  • Bucket possibly Pressure Washer
  • ladder
  • Safety line
  • Steel brush
  • Abrasive cloth or sanding machine
  • Brush and roller
  • Antirust paint
  • Primer
  • Deck color Metal roofs emphasize Step by StepSweep all loose debris from the roof.
    Scrape with a steel spatula tight from dirt.
    Scrape, brush and sweep off all visible rust and peeling paint.
    Purify the roof with a grease detergent. The most effective is a high-pressure cleaner, but sponge and bucket do it.
    Seal up the abraded parts with anti-rust paint and Basecoat the roof.
    Use a round paint brush and start with the body color of corners, edges and other shear-to-reach areas.
    Pranks finally the entire roof with a paint roller in liquid, even movements.More information about metal roofing than you’ll find in our article “metal roof – light and varied“. And if you have any questions or comments relating to emphasize metal roof, then write and leave a comment or forum.

Metal Roof Painting


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