How To Paint And Repair Metal Roofs

  Do you have an older metal roof , it must be removed regularly . In our painter Guide tells you your why a new coat of paint is necessary , when the best time for this is and how you can do the job yourself. Time for painting How To Paint And Repair Metal.. read more →

Why Go Green?

Why go green? Eco friendly roofing systems have become more and more popular over the last few years due to the advancement in technology, now more then ever the cost of a metal roofing system is more beneficial to the homeowner.  Having a green roof will bring down energy cost by help keeping the home.. read more →

Hurricane Season 2014

Better be prepared Hurricane season 2014 is right around the corner  and with it comes the torrential rain storms that move up into Florida from the Caribbean, some intensify to tropical systems and some even strengthen  to hurricanes status.  As a native Florida resident I’ve seen my share of tropical systems move across the state.. read more →